They know and wisdom lines
Their souls and more often than not
They have knowledge. But, no one’s asking,
Neither are they listening anymore. They do not
Walk so fast nor is their journey far
From any door, and so
The doors are closed
Because they’ve
Not been opened
And no one
At all.
Some there are who see them gone: only
Spirit and their truths abide alone, but far from lonely.


2 responses to ““Agèd”

  1. When I was in my twenties, I worked for several years in a nursing home in Tucson. I met a man named Bud Love who claimed to be a “Seeker of Truth”… a patient with emphysema. He had traveled and studied extensively and had one attribute that seemed to set him apart from all the other elderly folks that we cared for at the facility: he asked me about myself and then actually listened. At one point in our relationship he smiled at me, inscrutably, I suppose, and said: “You DO realize that I know you better than you know yourself.” I have spent the rest of my life coming back to that sentence and realizing that indeed– he did! I don’t believe that “understanding” can be transferred, given… but knowledge can. And young people are well-advised to pursue the treasures of a life richly lived. The elderly have knowledge that can serve one’s journey in so many ways. And precious stones of wisdom that often seem trivial or worthless in the moment of finding… gleam later and bestow great wealth.

  2. This poem is irrevocably Awesome

    And, Shaun’s comments are invaluable…

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