“Begin With Matter”


“Begin With Matter”

Begin with matter; what ails the pilgrim
Who finding truth supposes gifts
To be forthcoming to him as he sifts
Through blessings and bounties at the rim
Of his reality, the edge of his consciousness, the interim
Between physical growth—the thrift
Of material formation in the womb of yesterday—and its rift
In painful separation of peculiars of strife and death refined within
The narrow cope and mitre of fond illusions of this present life? These
Must precede an equal void; in balances he joys and so he’ll one day
Be made to grieve, and all the while the taste of sweetest pay
In machinations couched in bitter herbs and deprivation lest
The final product far exceed the limitations of his earthly station,
Outrageous freedoms fathered by the very star that lights his way.

…as with matter, I stretch the sonnet’s spool…


2 responses to ““Begin With Matter”

  1. Stretch the sonnet’s spool? Has the “matter” crossed into poetic-string theory,lol? A nice companion piece to your “Begin with…” trilogy. The major questions of the cosmos enchant physicist & mystic alike. And writers.

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