“Begin With Space”


“Begin With Space”

Begin with space; what hubris to assume
Dimensions placing numbers of the stars at billions
While countless minions in their trillions
Calf and form while calculation consumes
All thought itself. The end in the beginning presumes
A reappearance while greater weights and endless supervision’s
Ever-shedding light within the balance flaunts divisions
Both to brilliance and illumination as they cease and then again resume
As strokes in time and matter circumspect
As of old was told of Eros from his father, Chaos,
progenitors of creation’s hopes thereafter. But a step
From shades and shadows, what is and is not respect
Nor gods nor comic cosmic ostentation, neither tragic
heads or cosmic tails no matter what the toss.


2 responses to ““Begin With Space”

  1. The analytical mind is always thwarted by by the scope of the macrocosm and the apparent feminine whimsy of the microcosm. And the fourth dimension of time has been the ruination of many a mental Quixote. God smiles; 28 billion parsecs from ear to ear, as near as our puny noodles can fathom. You used the word “hubris”, my friend, striking, as they say: the nail on the noggin! A fun sonnet that jousts with our vanities.

    • “puny noodles” …to say the very least! I like that! “puny noodles”…it rings true! “puny noodles” makes just about everything we can come up with nothing but hubris….and yes! funny….

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