“Begin With Time”


“Begin With Time”

Begin with time,
The shadow of distraction,
Noted, witnessed, the interaction
Between two objects in a line
Bound to one another in a temporary rhyme
And brought ever forward to mind in reaction
To all three. To the witness, satisfaction
Of thep natural order signifying signs
Of sanctity to some, insanity to others.
The pedestrian will find another way to validate
A vain imagination, but to the navigator,
Gravitas and strength and tools to harness energies and matter
For the sake of simple affirmation ratify the elder brother
In a seat wherein the restive dead survive the going rate
while the living pass from state to state.

photo by Violscraper on Flicker,,,


2 responses to ““Begin With Time”

  1. A difficult subject for poetry, always, but, like love, always worth the effort. Enjoyed the facets, the sparkle of thought stretching.

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