“Stay the Options”


“Stay the Options”

Stay the options turned to steam as former streams give way to torrents
meld to tributaries, branch to rivers edge and what is best
Is less to even less. To pause no longer plausible, the inevitable accidie seems
To stave off priests, but to what end? “Choose life,” He says, and we must leave
To rust and ruin what we have found because to rest
Is to decay and become irrelevant save to opportunists who remain to test
Subjective will and ephemeral desires; in the plural, little less than breezes,
On the page, similes of movement in the rush to better tainted verses; to sellect
The sculpture’s chisel before his work begins, ignite the holy fires
In ancient kilns fired by inordinate ornamental  desires, massive spires
And office towers marking where the penultimate colony elects
To ignore the ancient mamouth newly surfaced in the bog where it yesterday left
Its trace. Benchmarks mark the balding tires of genii and men;
The former celebrate the New Year while the latter mourn the Old Year’s end.

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