“Read the New Year’s Signals”


“Read the New Year’s Signals”

Read the New Year’s signals, then, attract the tensions; bright,
A single flame, perhaps in tandem with last year’s company
Of one or two eternal melodies
Against a richer, darker light.
Punctuate forever with the same in words,
Themselves but transitory sparks of thought,
Their fireworks, a concert in itself and taut
Within a narrow vision, yesterday’s decisions on the verge
Of being promising their own reward. Relief
Is sought but never binding in itself, and as with friends
And lovers nothing’s said, and nothing’s done. Suspend
All lust for just a little while, withdraw from knowledge, faith, belief
However brief served in quantities in favour of the attributes, the qualities,
Elixirs drawn from waters from the Sea of Affirmation bound for all eternity.


One response to ““Read the New Year’s Signals”

  1. I guess the nature-side of our being has a pleasure for cycles and new beginnings that aid in the digestion of yesterday… but somewhere I hear Spock saying: “Your calendar, Captain, is an arbitrary construct that has little relevance to sidereal time.” So be it. Let us welcome the new year and sound the new octave, the next note, another affirmation. PAX

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