“So…I Think I’ll Stir Fry Tonight”


“So…I Think I’ll Stir Fry Tonight”

So…I think I’ll stir fry what I do tonight.
I want so much, and nothing in itself
Will do, but some specific combination felt
Somewhere back in 3/4 time, perhaps. A noxious numbing notion fights
For my attentions and I feel quite close to ripe for what may fall
A little off the screen and to the right, but not so far gone
That some sweet portion of the song
No longer speaks to me—a surprise, perhaps—if only I could find the ball
I lost―whatever that might be―and walk
Straight on without a thought to just how much
I could retain if I could reach some vagrant soul to touch
The thing, inhale the fragrance, strip the gears to all my faults
While I am oh-so-slow just now and running low on fumes.
But I’ve so few seeds left tonight to dwell on faulty memories and ordinary clues.

2 responses to ““So…I Think I’ll Stir Fry Tonight”

  1. Ah… I so like the flavor of metaphysical whimsy and wonder too if the Buddha enjoyed his rice with a pinch of saffron & silly. Keep stirring, sir.

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