“Some Are Crowned”

Yellow Brain

“Some Are Crowned”

Some are crowned as apples, some as eggs,
Others wear the uniform of acorns scattered as the zeal
Of seasons turns by circumstance, some to reach the fields
And some to disappear. Whether treasures or the dregs,
The spike of thorns for classic torture, the prick of thistles for the symbol,
Implications dwindle in the winds and mountain snows will thaw
With no greater understanding than that nothing grows beyond the flaw
Bestowed. That fallow space displaces moistures by the bucket or the thimble
Best beloved, but nothing near the destiny of receptacles of grace wherein
The blessing and benefit is tested. Serenity, repose, and peace
Received, themselves the purpose while the price of life is death. Such ease,
So great a recognition of the burden’s broad design is thus resigned. In
That lethal insight of the germ we see how perfect are the needs,
That some fruits will be eaten and others reign again as seeds.



One response to ““Some Are Crowned”

  1. Very nice closing couplet. Do accidents happen by design? Do the Divine Laws arise by chance? Is the conscious-side truly separate from the nature-side? Or does it only seem so because our essence is split from our personality. I can’t decide if I find it all very relaxing… or if it gives me a headache. When the Mother-ship comes to save earth from that meteor, I’m sure they’ll take the dogs and leave us behind.

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