“The Commonplace”

Daud Akhriev _ paintings

“The Commonplace”

The commonplace where once was someone’s
Hospices in distances and not so very far from me,
I knew her actually
As twilight and a thousand blazing suns
Reduced to changelings, now a masterpiece
Of onyx and sardonic, now a memory and somewhere’s
Afterthoughts; a hundred places where she feared
To go—or so Millay declared—a timed release, a lease
On what she thought was love. Without the sound
Of pen to page, nothing’s left to write, no doubt knowing
I’ll never see the end of it; no glowing
Tribute in a minor poem capturing all I’ve found;
A peace and distance in the grace that somehow
I was left but scents and lint and shadows.

…painting by Daud Akhriev…


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