Daily Archives: December 8, 2013

“As If the Hearth Could Not Speak”


“As If the Hearth Could Not Speak”

As if the hearth could not speak, its defects say:
“Respond! Reflect! This is no place for you tonight” The log is moot, gemütlichkeit
Gleaned from ashes, kinetic glories from the naked day
As columns dance, sparks and emerald embers choreographed,
Collaborating in the orchestra pit; the overture
Neutred, ascends with no hope of reward. Smoky demons cure
Leaves and roots in vain and while the seer laughs
She claps her hands and adagios appear as if by magic.
Here beside you in these hours, I regret
The reason why I’m here; I’ll not forget
The progress of an evening’s tragic
Loss, and opt instead to waken anthems
that cannot be eternal as when the iamb eyes
Its own reward and value in trochaïc compromise.


…photographs by Impixel on DevientArt…