“She Speaks”

Sarah Illenberger

“She Speaks”

She speaks behind an upraised fan.
Jaundiced eyes betray no secrets
In the vestibule; she regrets
Nothing in the innuendo as she scans
The lower horizon of the arc, a greeting to her lessers,
Or, perhaps, her equals who simply don’t exist;
She does not see me in the crowd; the list
Too great. Her dance card is full as she is confessor
To the many yet no more than in a glance,
Some single word sufficing all but me. I have no questions,
No statement; I own no definitions, no vested suggestions,
Nothing in the abstract, no “others in the cast.”
I cannot linger long in this fine passage blessed
Beyond a reticence to take so little yet
so much more than even she has guessed.

…video frame at top by Sarah Illenberger…


2 responses to ““She Speaks”

  1. Again, your knack of capturing a moment, opening the aperture, and examining the fine detail down to the infinite fractal… almost like being there… suspended… between the inhale and the exhale!

    • At this age, most any given moment comes closer to an observation as opposed to an event. When one is alone, events simply do not happen albeit moments are numberless of far greater significance, certainly worthy of the attempt to capture what momentary pleasure there may be in the temporary confines of a single piece of lyric poetry. Your Knight and Squire illustrate all of this in your excellent and careful narration in “The Gift.”

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