“Comes Glorious Thought”

Sun Thouht

“Comes Glorious Thought”

Comes glorious thought between the cracks most often while trapped
In routine places; in the shower, on the bus;
In waiting rooms for doctors, sunspots serviced
At a corner station while idling at a red light. A single meme’s tapped
For what it’s worth in step and governed by the gleam of strict rehearsal
Focused on a single thought, the requisite hook
And lynchpin readied, saturated with a glance or two, the look
Informed, the message scribbled on the wall: “We will not recall
Again, or see another day’s sun regained!”
The view is altered now while bending low to fetch
A napkin dropped from off the kitchen ledge–
No moment to remember in the reign
Of satisfactions, but nonetheless a score–a hit, the subtle sting
Of truth, and what is rumored in the yeast while the telephone rings.


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