“Words Fail”


“Words Fail”

Words fail as time lines up at the station
No matter what the incidence of stops, resigned
To passages that little matter when bookmarks drift and energy simply finds
Itself a void in endless agitation
Of the pen poised anew to make its entrances, natural machinations
Too absurd to take their place in expectation of design,
Rich imbalances in crude subjection to perfect its rules while grammar’s rinds
Surround the sweetest predicates where clauses bring all to naught. Elimination
Of a single molecule creates inertia and intransigence,
Then, will never cease to lose both light and laughter. The crude defy
The whole where possible. Vain as is desire for cosmic π’s in darkened skies beneath the jaundice eyes of armies of opportunity and defense.
Ignorance will pit the lioness with willful prejudice
against the hyena’s jaws anesthetised in angry petulance.


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