“Have I Disappeared?”

Nature: Unforgetable Elephants

“Have I Disappeared?”

Have I disappeared, a mere recluse seduced to just
Another child of God? Today the silly infant
On the morrow’s sorrows’ streets, yes! and borrowed from elephants
Who grow but slowly, well aware that musth
Makes all the difference that transcends the size of tusks?
Witness another generation in yet another zeitgeist sway, an element,
Yes! but nothing near the seed of truth at all; a just requirement
No! but surely a warning. The numbers here must rise from trust
That there is a contiguous future, and the simplicity of nature’s bound
By few if potent rules that govern living. The weak fast
Here within pale, a consistory of suspicion in the circuit of birds
Awaiting eternal sleep that comes to all below—to calves a loss in whey,
Perhaps—but even so, there comes the nagging need to last.
No, I know no antidote to what is plainly seen.
The ends in all beginnings set the tone but for a time
And times again, and then again until a single rhyme
Is born within this world and worlds beyond the open sea,
From nothing each of us is carved and each of us will be
Again but nothing whether in the swelling brine
Of all there is to dream or nothing whittled, nothing signed
And no one’s name is mentioned while no thought atrophies.
Well, of course, I’ve disappeared. Before my place
And station were defined, my name not catalogued,
And fortun’d even less, nor mentioned in this bliss
That must have pleased some pernicious heart in close embrace
That raised the very reeds on which to play my song.

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