“A Single Tone”


“A Single Tone”

A single tone, the elastic green or thin
Blue line of tomes and trilogies
Of joyous soliloquies
And what it means to breathe. A baby’s skin,
Yes! thin, the moment’s mine, and from where I sit,
So’s the next and then the next,
And for a time I am the action and the text
For more than actors; multitudes may fit,
Choirs of spirits throughout the years
In what they do, or may accomplish,
What their open windows, what they wish,
Expressed in what they will and will not and what it is they fear,
At once seize the souls of children in embryonic features
Of their worlds and what becomes of them: in fact I was their teacher.

2 responses to ““A Single Tone”

  1. The single tone, the single drop… the circles ripple out. Nice one.

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