Daily Archives: November 9, 2013

“There is a Strain”


“There is a Strain”

There is a strain in waiting. Here in the atom’s atrium
Comes roaring in the autumn’s leaves and days:
That novel not begun, anticipation of some new light at dawn, a matinée
In the spreading skirts of winter’s deeper lasting opprobrium
From those he knows he must leave. Pencil in most weighty schemes
And actions on consignment, back orders, slight
Delays festooned with disorderly conduct in procession. Flights
Booked months or weeks in arrears and in his eyes are dreams
Bathing freely in vanilla images of the nightly moon’s thought
That soon he will be free. These, the natural conclusions
In one so penultimately close to actual lines of light’s diffusion
In some cosmic credit, a long ignored desire of eternal spring. Supine,
He lies here wondering just what the summer’s fuss was all about,
And now when almost all is said and done, at every breeze the flame goes out.