“Geologic Leavings”


“Geologic Leavings”

Geologic leavings from the rift, an ancient strife, lucid memories gone shallow,
The signs of consequence greater than implication, simple modernities.
So little thought to what survives beyond a portion of a lifetime; eternities
Whispered in the last winter’s winds while earthly crops are all but fallow.
Ears accosted, the ear’s former inspiration deafened by stentorian rhetoric,
Redoubled in the light of the masses in the press and redundancy, the suns
That rise and fall with chutzpha and maddening regularity reaching such sums
And gaseous rumours as permeate the ephemeral and lightly esoteric.
But do we see the latest apparition in the dawning skies
Today and revel in its flight,
No greater vision possible, no finer god, his résume in lights.
And while accepting fresher delays from yesterday’s demise
All are cognizant of what must be? Rains will come no matter how we strive,
And in the end the only consolation for the living is the fact that we survive.


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