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“Though the Rising of the Sun”


“Though the Rising of the Sun”

Though the rising of the sun knows nothing of its setting,
It is for the earth and moon to wonder at such treason
As witnesses to this truth above translucent skies and seas, the season
And its recipients, homilies of bounty; whose,
the onus through the needle’s eye, the periodic letting
Of the blood of lambs with only yards between the finite poles, forgetting
Nothing, revealing nothing but an urgency
to emergency and back again? The heathen
Knew no more than synalepha in their call to prayer; pagans even less, elisions
Fossilised, putting thought to marble and fervour to the page, betting
Time against the pharoah’s death that few would ever live long enough
To find the tragic flaw. Comes the Man from Ur to move the heavens
And the earth to wakefulness from slumber, to realign the eyes toward the Star
That transforms a common phoneme to the station of a Holy Morpheme far
Beyond the Alif as the Alpha: the Word, Itself;
so the story goes and just so the stuff
Of legends leading to Omega born. Of the Twelve,
one chose time; infinity, the remaining Eleven.