“Justice as Potentials”


“Justice as Potentials”

Justice as potentials invade the hearts, affections cede their own
Fields and those of others in specious urgencies ill defined
Beyond the anxious worm within the soil and some few voids come to mind.
Embroidered organs, muscles, bleached and raw impressions, bones,
And tusk breakers; the clues are endless. Of all conventional thought―
His, notwithstanding―sometime crowns are all cast down and qualify
The spaces ‘twixt the aces, king and queen as any Jack will pacify
Presumptions and asymmetrical assumptions and all those tragic flaws
To wave dismissals and the right to speedy trial with a nod
And as with wisdom—in itself, a whisper of truth in balance—is free to breathe.
Even planets reveal themselves in phases and effects, their pawns.
Continue, then by all means to conclusions drawn
From genius wrought in chimeras of beauty and golden Nimrods
In cloister. There is equity in all that is and distraction in the breeze.


2 responses to ““Justice as Potentials”

  1. I suppose justice boils down to which body of laws are being applied. Laws of nature, laws of science, are broken only by those who command the miraculous. But the laws of man are a mess, at best. Philosophy professors usually succumb to a bemused smile when the subject is stirred, yet again, by the young, idealistic student. And, for the rest of us, we bear constant witness to the endless tribulations of Maat. But, without these contrived principles of mundane right and wrong… the candy bar would always belong to the kid with the biggest biceps! Your poem shines light on so many subtleties of imperfection in that which we call: Justice.

    • As with anything human, the illusion stands that justice, love, generosity, patience, and any specific example of what appears to be numberless virtues, the store may be full but still human virtues rapidly become vices without direct and constant contact with the Source[s] of these same virtues. It is the same with the divine and all conceptions of the Divine Virtues whether vested in humanity or retained entirely by the Creator. Maat, being a human definition, commands respect but only respect. One syllable beyond this simple regard fosters the initial step toward vice, the counterfeit virtue, no matter what the outward robe of either. At present, increasingly, the critical mass of humanity leaning toward the “contrived principles of mundane right and wrong” and away from the evident and obvious rise of the “miraculous,” results inevitably in the unfortunate titbit or “candy bar” that does in fact belong, as you have pointed out, “to the kid with the biggest biceps!” Each day in these days, points this out with pernicious regularity resulting in shibboleths at best and fanaticism at its worst. Of course all of .this must sooner or later come to an end with humanity on top since humanity is a creation, not the Creator, and so humanity’s beneficent end is guaranteed. This is no mere hope, but rather the obvious acknowledgement of truth which like the sun is one and indivisible.

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