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“The Lady with the Cane”


“The Lady with the Cane”

The lady with the cane got on the westbound 90 Bus
With considerable difficulty and slightly confused just in time
To find a seat toward the front. All went well and fine,
And had there been no seat, no problem, none, no fuss,
The kindness of strangers would soon insist that she
Had a comfort seat. All could see the worth of this
Retiring lady who’d been happy in her time to raise three fine kids,
Survive the War, and Great Depression, proud and free
Of debt, all despair, her physical impairments totally dismissed
With no regrets, and radiant acquiescence through it all.
In time, two loud young teenage girls got on the bus,
Two shrieking sirens, harpies heard throughout the bus, trust
Galore that absolutely no one would look up or raise a word. The ball
Began, of course, and what was said and done would curl your hair,
And they were right, of course: no one stared or even seemed to care.

…painting by Lucian Freud…