“One Simile Short”

Rainbow road

“One Simile Short”

One simile short in me tonight; I’ve held a friend
To truth and some small correction, satisfaction wrapped in effort
A little overdue of course, but still, veracity affords
No flaw, no slight dilution if by hope it means to round the bend
And curve corners to pierce the prisms on a rainbowed road.
Might sustains itself in entrances and exits through the darker caves
And out again to realise potentials even in the tidal wave
And shoreline surge of sudden sodden pain. Certitude implodes
As does any element if in the effort to improve
A newborn molecule is born, its mutation hidden when at last
The morning’s fusion’s come. Regret, an instant past
A single faulty particle, is isolated and with the isotope removed
There comes a momentary loss of what comforts in the night
That proving false no longer are and cannot share the light.


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