“I Am What I Attract”


“I Am What I Attract”

I am what I attract, and as the loadstone
Draws invisibles so am I, and so I am alone today
And would it were not so I am not lonely. Yet to say
I am alone is closer to the truth. No sigh, no plaintive moan
No commonplace relief placates my throat; in my ear no tired voice
Complains or rallies decibels high against the whole; no silent sallies rent
Satisfaction in recompense for all I have left to all I did not willingly apprehend
From countless minions on the other side of time who made their choice
A solitude before we met. I am no stranger here, the key to my own prison
Lost along a beach where nothing dulls or swells the appetite;
No esoteric cause, no strange and caustic condescension to the rites
Of nothing here but simple vision in an arc of light, so listen
Carefully! You’ll hear the pitch and rhythm of the slaves intone
The presence of all luminaries in the night forever in themselves alone.

…art by Yigit Koroglu…

2 responses to ““I Am What I Attract”

  1. There is an aching truth in this message. It reminds me of Rilke’s fearless words…”I hold this to be the highest task for a bond between two people: that each protects the solitude of the other.”

    • My appreciation for your kind remark.

      Yes, it does remain one of the more difficult achievements of any individual, the maintenance of the singular bond between a man and the Source of his creation that in the most absolute terms brooks no interference from all other men, on the one hand, and, on the other, the equally absolute conviction in the collective that that same bond exists and should be maintained by every other soul on this planet. Sundering either produces justice without love or love without justice, both of which are lethal, spiritually, and a source of the most egregious and outrageous cancers that exist in human psychology, fanaticism in unbridled lust, greed, and ultimately ruin in the former and religious, racial and national genocide in the later. Rilke knew this, and apparently so do you and I.

      Again, my thanks for your remark and a very weak offering from me to you that at least in my estimation, I know of no competent writer of poetry that I read today that so excites my admiration as much as yours does on a consistent daily basis.

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