Daily Archives: September 22, 2013

“I Am What I Attract”


“I Am What I Attract”

I am what I attract, and as the loadstone
Draws invisibles so am I, and so I am alone today
And would it were not so I am not lonely. Yet to say
I am alone is closer to the truth. No sigh, no plaintive moan
No commonplace relief placates my throat; in my ear no tired voice
Complains or rallies decibels high against the whole; no silent sallies rent
Satisfaction in recompense for all I have left to all I did not willingly apprehend
From countless minions on the other side of time who made their choice
A solitude before we met. I am no stranger here, the key to my own prison
Lost along a beach where nothing dulls or swells the appetite;
No esoteric cause, no strange and caustic condescension to the rites
Of nothing here but simple vision in an arc of light, so listen
Carefully! You’ll hear the pitch and rhythm of the slaves intone
The presence of all luminaries in the night forever in themselves alone.

…art by Yigit Koroglu…