“Sign the Warrant”


“Sign the Warrant”

Sign the warrent, then. decree
The thing to be. Noble generosities
Of grace in governors are gifts in rhapsodies
Of purpose and a sometime promised remedy
In perpetuity in any life’s brief term; these―crucibles
For souls and peoples―litmus tests. Seek certitude,
Not mere faith or knowledge in the outcome, fruit, a passing solitude
Of undivided truth. Yes! perhaps the cleansing bowls
For any common Pilate, yes! but depth and height for Peter
While the Truth stood nailed to a cross at noon. Solicitude in metre,
Signature, and signs will not be measured by the litre
Or in numbers’ boiling cancers but with currency of the heart. Meek or
Arrogant, weigh stature in the man by willingness to die, not live.
When asked of nuances in the cannons of Gregory’s Inquisition,
the fatwa’s of the Jihad, the Prophet made reply:
“Wish for death if what you say is true and be prepared to die,”
No great surprise to those who know the sun.
They say it’s disappeared, but we know better.
Nothing’s left the sky, nothing’s lived or died; letters
Of the universe declare their glories on the run,
But I can testify to blessings and the bounties
Rife no matter what the messenger, or angle of the earth.
The horizon so effortlessly flatters itself; but in the surf
The evidence that somewhere on the planet foundling trees
And foliage, strangling jungles, and the swiftly shifting beds
Amid the mighty rivers’ muds desire to be the sea. The bloods
Of that great golden disk have never ceased; the cow, the cud
And Helios, a never-ending row of grace bestow and we are led
By those who claim the clouds and tilt of planets greater than
What it was that Galileo breathed within his sleeve,
and grateful that Sadducees have at last agreed to lift their ban.


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