Daily Archives: September 19, 2013

“Within the Coup de Grâce”


“Within the Coup de Grâce

Within the coup de grâce, the question’s simply put:
Devour paradise in this brief breeze, or live within
The pale that penetrates a lifetime. The phrases, phases in the winds
Of light bereft becoming fires jilted, plundered, these the soot
And garnish of vanities enjoyed as spice, meant to jolt,
To jumpstart, to reinforce the bottom line—shortcuts
Of weathered notions fully fleshed, fruition’s gains—neat, but
Missing something in the translation, these but transition, reverend folks,
The longer, sweeter tide of thought stretched taut within me;
  These see no sweet nothings, no grace notes breathing in or out
Of line with those who practice only basic chords who love to jump and shout.
Rest, and put it to the test. Know this, attend! Simplistic as it seems
The truth will out soon enough. Within the endgame happiness
Enjoys dominion in this world, it’s true, but joy ascends the Next.