Daily Archives: September 17, 2013

“Oh the Moment, Yes”


“Oh the Moment, Yes”

Oh the moment, yes. Movement
Owns them both–stillness
In evening’s fire’s thought and witness
To change. Cycles, rudiments
Along the way as if cosmic paths were condiments
To reasons for it all, seasoning enough
To accent eternal syllables and possibly a word; the stuff
Of endlessness in verbal arguments
That pause from time to time to take a breath and form an action
mind the road!

Delicate digressions vie with natural hesitation
To embrace the midnight hour as circumspection
In the minor chord and prelude to the latest code,
Anomalies in the nexus like pearls of depth and deepest night
That birth a blinding light as moths,
sycophants of dawn that drown in flight.