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“Each Week’s Saturday Morning”


“Each Week’s Saturday Morning”

Each week’s Saturday morning’s
Christmas. Up! Mom’s Symphony of the Pans
And banging clarion call to breakfast and the plan
For what token chores are mine with adagio of warnings
From Dad that lawns exist to be mown,
And trashcans created to be emptied first
And always before the adolescent glory of the moment’s thirst
For liquid interests and mental roaming—readings sewn
In drawings etched in the total freedom of an early afternoon;
At sixty-eight, each week-end’s ritual sleep-in leans
Toward a piety in all that matters. Weaned,
Souvenirs of many moons and melodies of countless tunes
Each spawn a zeitgeist, cut in curious Fandangos
as Conga lines decide what’s truly blessed:
The week’s remembrances’ memes recalled
…but all I want to do is rest.


…painting at top by Kilara of DeviantArt…