Daily Archives: September 11, 2013

“Wednesday’s Right”



Wednesday’s right on time; momentum tends toward cheers
In arteries and fuel for the soul. Experience; I embrace the fray
And thank God That Wednesday’s just another day
That somehow, back in the saddle, here am I. Nothing’s left to fear.
Perhaps it’s always in me or could it be that what comes round at last
Has been the simple sound of minds surrounding me. It’s true,
Of course, the buck stops here and only here, and with so much to do
And weekly meters running, little’s left of fevers from the past.
There are choices. Three hundred and sixty-six degrees against prevailing winds,
Some three hundred and sixty-five and one more to soar
To where it was that I began while I lack nothing, need no more
Than minimal light to navigate the same old rocks, the odds and ends
That move somehow or have they always moved before?
…pebbles née boulders roll from a Tuesday’s gloom
But not to worry; clues attend patiently for Wednesday’s mighty noon.