“Monday’s Up”

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“Monday’s Up”

Monday’s up, the milk train’s crawling
through early morning hours that tend to wander,
Neither first nor last, plundering passengers and cargo—
blocks of time—with just another
Week to rack ’em up. The weekly slow train weathers
all aboard toward the blunder
Or the prize with not so much as gender on the platform to squander,
whither’s nothing left to wonder:
So, what now? From what direction comes an early sunrise? Survive
The dawn and make the pledge, “I will return to where I slept last night.”
No doubt in this at least for now, and in the slack of planning and life
Between the closet and the door, “Am I forgetting something?” To arrive
He must begin and so he settles his affairs, forgets his fears
And glances at this morning’s star–Jupiter still rises in the south. Countdown;
Routines set–“I forgot my coffee!”–all toll booths and bridges bleed, his run
No further goal than this. Little thought to prayer just now, the roads are clear
And no one scores but early birds on such an average Moon Day’s morning as this.
Up and out! Swallow complaint, grab the keys and blow the past a kiss.


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