“Compassion Lingers”


“Compassion Lingers”

Compassion lingers late at night when I contemplate
The end of me, the beginning of you, and intimacies
Of both our houses—the camera and the lens—exigencies
To indicate the early possibilities of late
Arrivals and even later beginnings. I cannot hesitate,
Nor, it seems, can you, but as it is what it is, prolixity’s
The trump, the tricks in favour of the heart’s identities
And a pox on all four Suits with Hearts the edge to moderate
What Diamonds cannot hope to do without their Clubs and Spades.
Such auspicious Houses lay the cornerstone of temples
Raised to commemorate all Muses, Fates and Destinies,
Specters of personas, as well, no lovers of souls. Infinities,
My friend, come in time but more often much too late to spare
The aging; abiding, priming, smothering youth in praise and Medicare.

…card design by Undersea-sparrow…

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