“A Scintilla”


“A Scintilla”

A scintilla—a thinnest notion
Separates the light from fire, determination from desire
Without from something swimming deep within. Awe alone admires
Uncertainties of dangers in the undertow, the swelling of the ocean
As it seeks the moon—no hope of union
There, above, of course—a subtle breath of mitigation by disaster, mists
And darkest moulds in what the night sky insists
Is yesterday’s irrelevance, contaminating illusions
Of the present smiling on the past: we must move forward.
Notwithstanding, neither more nor less, in spite
Of evidence to the contrary and well beside the point. Insight
Dictates needs that lean towards or leave behind rewards
Of unknown futures veiled, obscured, preferred at last
Above the sanctions of the status quo and the energies of the mass.

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