“A Sometime Stain”


“A Sometime Stain”

A sometime stain; the birthmark of a single name–
Goaded, compromised, spited by the eyes–the microscopic page,
The age and bridge from what is meant to what it is. Age
The pontus maximus is potent but security and confidence are gained
In links throughout a sometime golden chain; the flame
Within the acorn, the seedling; twilights tremble at the larva’s rage
Beneath the unsuspecting fallow field where stalks the future stage
Above in comely spatial innocence and holy abstinence. The same
Reveals the relatives, within the cosmic heart; the absolute
That stations there strays not an aeon’s breadth from bliss—
illusion’s dispensation’s bourn—in what is seen, by whom
and where it lives, and from the gifted earthly womb
emerge the vectors in strengths of resolutes
while covenants among the dead above are born and die
within a single kiss.

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