“If She Says Nothing”


“If She Says Nothing”

It she says nothing of the matter, who will?
She guides the many and the minions to the table
And the Light and has no equal, nor are there any able
To deploy the force and forces at the windowsill
Who so desperately wish to enter into wedlock
But lack the fortitude and commitment
And wherewithal within to exchange mere sentiment
For reaction to the call and not the caller’s block
Of her own choosing and her clarion point final, “Road’s End.”
She knows the signs, but they do not because
They’ve never been to where she’s at
And for the nonce, she doesn’t care to tally
Costs, a thing she’s never had to do to rally
‘Round the final bend of anywhere, nor pause
To think of ultimates and causal caveats.

…painting by Giani Strino…


One response to ““If She Says Nothing”

  1. ’round the final bend’ and back again methinks, selective mutism. xx

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