“Such Delicate Issues”


“Such Delicate Issues”

Such delicate issues are discussed
Within an audience of convalescents,
Denizens of halls and lobbies, adolescents–
Ex officio of do’s and don’ts–the musts,
De facto traffic in the businesses of healing
To and from their weighty tests; appointments
While lounging in the interim; ointments
And prescriptions dormant in the seething
Daily incidence of purity in sterility. No one lives here
Really, all are guests of grand inquisitors at the pace
Of medical residuals, portals to individuals spaced
At equidistance from the terminus dear
To those who’ve early learned to cope,
The elected gain a gurney; the others merely hope.


…paintings by Jose Perez…


One response to ““Such Delicate Issues”

  1. delicate issues indeed, John. I could almost see groaning gurneys, and groaning ER xx

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