Evidence is impertinent; knowledge the more so.
What’s required’s what’s requisite:
It is better to receive than to give, to sit
Than walk, rations and stations notwithstanding—to know
The hairline partition between the profound and shallow
Knave and his belief, both seeds—deposits
Less for harvest than to overthrow the field itself that profits
Nothing from the plough and even less remaining fallow.
What does a man whose fame is paraffin,
Whose reigns are grace and sin, egregious loss and win
Whose draw is driftwood, the simple work of artisans and tradesmen,
The complex afterbirth of artists and doctors of acumen,
Whose words and produce are the sums
Of circuses, possibly media feed,
Certain the prostitutes of avarice and greed?


One response to ““Evidence”

  1. evidence for the prosecution, m’lud? (always wanted to say that, so I did!) The first line grabs your attention and you’re held!! xx

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