Daily Archives: June 29, 2013

“See the Signs”


“See the Signs”

See the signs in what you’ve done for me and smile.
There’s peace in what you say and joy in small
And insignificant asides in corridors and halls
Of what and where you are. I do not see you in the miles
Of life that stretch the either side of us every day,
But I behold the tokens and the souvenirs of storied stations,
Parabolic detours and scheduled stops along the line: elation
In the wanderlust, the magic of the Tao and the way
In which from time to time we find ourselves
Together in the oddest places—traffic stops.
My heart will miss your visions ever locked
In structured schedules and in the dusty shelves
Of what it is that I’ve constructed. It is our fate, our legacy:
So many souls require us both along roads
that separate our several destinies.


…painting at bottom by Remedios Varo…