“The Body, Yes!”


“The Body, Yes!”

The body, yes! Consecutive form,
The repetition of the last, consensual norm and yet
With slight but noticeable difference in the set
Of eyes or angle of the nose, the swarm
of friendly smiles; nods to right or left,
Indices of stock on the floor or in a bed,
Apparently a casual sitting, instead
About to rise, or to collapse, bereft
Of any given posture or position in the light.
The body, yes! The body, and the view
And close consideration; any slightest clue
Implies perfection, disgrace and beauteous flight
Between the lines open to the naked stare;
What else can one do, when one just happens to be there?


….calligraphy and photographs by Ronit Bigal…

2 responses to ““The Body, Yes!”

  1. Lovely description of the body. We wear it as if we own it 😉 xx

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