Daily Archives: June 25, 2013

“Of course! Art”


“Of course! Art”

Of course! art, the cheek of brilliance balanced, bold
Enough to catch the inner eye,…but soft!
What lights in wider window webs, and lofts
Within such cinder rooms as spine and centrefold
Can mean so much, that feed so little but the soul?
It is the ache of apples ripe for picking,
Snowflakes chiseled, storm clouds mimicking
Latter day ablutions of spirit-slaves in chains within the cold
Bewildering creosote docks and sealed wine barrels of the wharfs
Of distant Northern European seaport shores
Whose denizens in beauty live then forgotten by the whores
Of Paris, Rome; or whitewashed backyard city dwarfs
Whose meretricious coffee tables will in time collapse
Beneath the weight of monographs when time and currency have lapsed.



“Art shows us how to be more than we are.
It is heightened, grand, an act of effrontery. It is
a challenge to the confines of the spirit.
It is a challenge to the comfortable pleasures of everyday life…”

-J. Winterson