“No Longer”

“No Longer”

No longer middle ground since we crossed the Rubicon to Oz;
Middling, yes! but Ozymandias has not been seen since 1818
Save for one split second threading hairs through the seams
Of  zeitgeists two or more along a grey-walled trench, a cause
Of parallel joy for some few hours of silence when a clause
And caveat or two were formed within a certain fecund corporal’s dreams
Of death, transfiguration and some place in a line that seemed
To say that true results are neither here nor there; the law’s
Delay will save the day and if we’ve been fêted in a fetid trench
For now, “we’ll soon be surfeiting beyond the need of bread and butter,
on to caviar and champagne.”…
…Yes? then let it rain today; suffice

To say whatever comes to mind will serve a dying virtue or victorious vice
When no one’s left to gainsay what despite the stench and clutter
Is after all to victors, spoils, to prey what words are left to mutter.

What must be must come with no one left to guarantee—
Entitlements be damned—if better souls are weakened, powerless-
Ness succumbs before the righteous face of bribery and can no more guess
Who’s come to dinner than what’s behind the silver screens
  And gilded archetypes for auld lang syne. In the end, we’ll euthanise the trees’
Supplies, the reams of notes and asterisks to history in digests
Bound in leather, all that might have served to lay to rest
Licentiousness of blame or contrition in arrears for what we’ll leave
To broad imagination. History takes effect in tomes of admonition
with healthy tongue in cheek; the hornet’s sting can be fatal,
True, but then there’ll always be survivors and who’s got time
To reckon loss when carillon bells toll their rhymes:
…so, who pays the bill and who discerns
from death the blessings of the cradle?

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