“She Holds Herself in Deftness”

woman_by_the _window_number_two

“She Holds Herself in Deftness”

She holds herself in deftness, a dandelion misplaced
From time to time in God knows what the pot.
She uses moments skilfully, and what she’s got
She shares in rooms she’s peopled, spaced,
Designed the more or less in compositions
Spelled, apart from one another, rearranged
And blocked as on a stage to take advantage
Of the light, its tasteful wise proximities. Competitions
Ruled, measured, revised, advised, and set
According to a notion or a rule
That she’s devised may not be
Science, but something more, perhaps, than chance, an ease
Akin to art, and expended squarely on a single fool.
No one seems to notice where it is she goes
Between the scenes nor what it is she knows.

…electronic painting by Wim Wenders…

2 responses to ““She Holds Herself in Deftness”

  1. a skillful quality described to perfection x

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