“And When I Pack It In”


“And When I Pack It In”

And when I pack it in at night I think
About my day and turn my thoughts to Him,
And feel more than ever that the hymn,
Sweet Hour of Prayer, is more than just a link
To chains within my mind to what I know is true:
Deeper, deeper, yes, than breath itself. The only time
I find I am alive affects the single call, the stolid rhyme
Between what He is and what I am, the simple clue
To what I’ve seen and gleaned and what I am about
To see, a reason far beyond the air I breathe: He
Is, I am, and He becomes for me
The Question as well the Answer, the Mount
Of Olives whereon I hear my voice,
And, in the end, it’s He who makes my choice.


2 responses to ““And When I Pack It In”

  1. lovely, to read this was simply lovely. (I know repeating myself, but repetition in itself in this case is meant as a compliment 🙂 ) .. ‘When I lay me down to asleep’ popped into my head. so many prayers learned from childhood. xx

    • Sometimes the quality of life is so confusing that the only thing I can think to say to Him is: “Now i lay me down to sleep…:” while laughing as I trip over the very words I used to babble when I was a kid. These days, it seems to be an appropriate response to the usual day’s take on things. Even so, the words and laughter are sincere and He knows it…..

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