“Kuan Yin”


“Kuan Yin”

Power in the youthful spirit―less
Than perfection and ubiquity by a hair,
Still more than merely hubris, a flair
For outward verbal, visual, and the rest
―This Kuan Yin places both hooves tied
And even, polished in the stirrups, firm
And purposed for the ride. She will learn
Of course that undertow in tides
Is dangerous and that not all imaginings act
Along the grain when divined from the sky,
Ancient planes which may have had a fly
Or two derange the serviced instruments―a fact
That more than must and many learn from time
To time―but spirit? Yes! as she relates to the sublime.


2 responses to ““Kuan Yin”

  1. ah, I Googled Kuan Yin, (philistine that I be) the Power of the Divine Feminine, so you are teaching me, and I of course am widening my knowledge. Loved reading the flowing lines above, xx

    • Actually, I grew up with Kuan Yin. My mother had a small statue this goddess that mystified me for years in our liviting room.

      Of course, I let my imagination run wild concerning what Chinese women looked like, or at least a Chinese goddess. Every time I see that name to this day, it pops right out at me. Unfortunately, that little statue has disappeared, probably stolen by one of my relatives when my mother passed away.

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