Daily Archives: June 11, 2013

“Notions of the End”

Qiang Huang

“Notions of the End”

Notions of the end come willingly
at the hour of knowing
Greaters than the sum of minutes,
An art of instrumentals within the limits,
Fractal fountains, residues of all points flowing
Naturally as when in a fresh encounter, a bolder plan,
A greater announcement, the future itself arrives and even if t’were
Already placed within her pantheon of gods, perception errs,
Perhaps not so much by deception as conveniently deferred, the élan
Of what it means to override possession and play the compliment:
The joy of it, the subtle stroke, the nimble, self-conscious act of doing
What must be done, a supra-natural ruing
Of identity—no hands, she stands—beyond what comes to pass as sacraments
To common passion. Remembrances and souvenirs sustain to no avail.
This, my friend, is what it means to own the gift of mortal life and wail.

…painting by Qiang Huang…