Daily Archives: June 10, 2013

“There, the Monoliths”

Bison by Browen

There, the Monoliths”

There, the deeds of monoliths, the majesty of steps
Atop vast titanic Canadian tests,
The Northerlies and Zephyrs of Wests, these hoary floral vests
That bind and buttress the North American backbone; ancient streams that jet
Across the brow of cyclops, tresses monuments cropped downward, plains
Discovered long before Columbus preyed upon, and fell
To ravenous feast, infesting shores of hapless naked islands, knelt,
Mistaken, gorging on the land, bare himself with earnest pains,
To claim for both their novice Catholic Majesties, the Spanish monarchs’
Claim, and access to mysterious Easts. There rise amazed retreats
And mountain trolls, the ample warning sentinels of God’s creation, feet,
His imprint on the pastures’ hollows, valleys hewn, arched
In all directions, girdled by the precious lichen wastes
Where bison were, these survivors set now both fores and afts, and wait.


…digital painting at top by Browen on DeviantArt…, below by an anonymous cave man…