Daily Archives: June 7, 2013

“I’ve Found No Time”

open gate

“I’ve Found No Time”

I’ve found no time to drink to you these days;
My skies are not so fullsome gray and nothing presses.
Gates are open, roads are cleared, the milk of guesses
Churned to butters; no delays,
No distractions, no rain checks, and all is well.
And while some sooner sunrise I’ll miss the summer breeze,
The longer play of light from dawn to dusk, the ease
Of minor clothing, still, the autumn spell
Of falling leaves, and promises of best
And better reasons through the seasons yet
To come are smiles. While the fall forgets,
Stiller riots and fomentation, revolutions in the colours
come as no surprise to solar guests:
The greens and yellows, pinks and fuchsias, indigos
And mauves will flee, as blackest soils one day taste my toes.


photograph above by Todd Small…