Daily Archives: June 5, 2013

“I Anticipate the Moments”


“I Anticipate the Moments”

I anticipate the moments. I survive,
But there’s not it–the fireflies sweep
Through me as sheets
Of rain and sleet within a tired mind. Contrived,
My expectations are a tepid fog compared
To what I feel when you are with me. Now
I see I cannot trust myself to disallow
Disguise and art; when face to face the errors
I embroider come unravelled right
Before my gaze and I am bound to show
Without what should remain within. Even now,
I cannot recreate myself in time to face the light
Of what I am, so plainly seen by you and all our gods, and I deny
I ever waited, wanted, longed, or even cared to see your eyes.

…painting by Susan Aldworth…