“So Many Words”

I am

“So Many Words”

So many words, at worst worn pride,
I will not hide;
Betrayal, trying pales,
I will not fail;
Tailings on the mountain hillsides, precious gems,
I have them;
While the river flows a man must think,
I will drink;
Fallow mists and clouds, nocturnal dusts depart,
I feel the stars;
Where the skies descend,
There I am;
And when we mourn the loss of summer, leaves are wet;
As years become but days, the autumn’s advent even so is set.
And so I’ve waited lifetimes
For the sound of footsteps,
The incidental brush against the skin,
The glance, the look,
Beholding what I took as Gospels for the moment;
. . . still.
You never spoke to me
While I have never ceased
To hear you.
Or if you did,
You were much too busy
In the business of distraction
To notice
What was manifest
Before your eyes.


7 responses to ““So Many Words”

  1. loves labours,… not lost, just hiding.. xPenx

    • Yes, as usual, your wisdoms are probably right. However, it is true that when the print has faded, by the light of a candle or perhaps just as good, the combined interaction of the back ends of two or three fireflies, reading is not all that easy….

    • P. S. Perhaps it’s true that there are far too many Q-jumpers where there should be no queue at all…

      Of course, this afterthought should have come after the first reply below….

    • P.P.S. Well, I’ll be damned! When I hit the “:Post Comment” button, the two comments flipped into the correct position…

      At any rate, it’s time for sleep….[3:49 a.m. ici]

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