“Humour Me”

Humour Me“Humour Me”

Humour me, if only for a while;
You’ll see how little differences divide
Us; you’ve walked the miles, declined
The host but took the wine and you’ll laugh, and smile
At yourself somewhere in scenes you’ve  found
Within a café barely breathing while you took
A single Turkish, milked cold within a corner nook
In which you styled yourself, ignored a round
Or two of philistines, and simply read
Some little volume―veiled the lids―and fed
Allusions circling freely in your head,
And, oh! So brilliant, so vague that tome you scan as dread
Of failure keeps you busy. The coffee’s old, the creamer sours
On the table as the ashtray fills with dusty benchmarks of endless hours.

Tigran Tsitoghdzyan

…at bottom, work of Tigran Tsitoghdzyan…


2 responses to ““Humour Me”

  1. loving the word allusions, John… and you made me look it up… well, not made.. ferzackerly…but I was compelled </em) to… The fanastically worded and detailed description above painted the scene so well.. (could could almost smell the ash tray!) x

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