“To Think On It”

…most of the following I wrote some time ago;  something about the last twelve months, however, has caused a revision…

…Faith will wither gracelessly
in the face of gentle certitude
Just as knowledge falters helplessly
in the presence of wisdom’s rectitude…


“To Think On It”

To think on it millions, treble double billion
On some crust of earth strive each day to breathe, somehow to strike a balance
Between tendered moments and cultured despair. The trip from phallus
To the womb and back again suffices sirens’ closest communion
In some myth of progress here–a world fixed among the countless there
And while we stare, we hear no greater melody than our
Own fears within an inner ear. Such songs exceed the number of the flowers.
We know we are no better than symphonies in the air;
We hold to breath, each inhalation satisfies moments left to us
In some sweet hour knowing no delay, no passing thought is lust
The less for having nothing so concrete. No lasting trust
Will occupy the heart and mind, and while the engines’ thrust
We are rent from God knows where to not that far from where we began,
Stations crystallise as gems of endlessness from crusts of  life’s élan.

2 responses to ““To Think On It”

  1. that journey from womb to grave… pondering, plodding ever onward, … seems ’tis up to the individual to add ‘grace’ to the proceedings. You certainly do with your words. xx

    • When it comes to “grace,” I think you’ve put your finger on an aspect of life I may have thought of, but not in those particular delicious words. I know it’s certainly true when it comes to the Grace of God that everything depends upon our own willingness to love Him to realise His love [i.e. His Grace] in any way at all; otherwise, one is entirely unaware of any Grace at all. Even so, Bahá’u’lláh, the Prophet-Founder of my Faith has said of God:

      “O SON OF BEING!
      Love Me, that I may love thee. If thou lovest Me not, My love can in no wise reach thee. Know this, O servant.”

      Likewise, now, with your words, it becomes obvious that it takes two to tango and not merely One; our own grace as well as His are required to do the trick, it that trick has anything to do with joy or certitude, neither of which disappear once established no matter what hits the fan.

      Many thanks.

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