Daily Archives: May 26, 2013

“He Knows So Little”

Mike Ossur

“He Knows So Little”

He knows he knows so little, fewer see,
Or should the inverse serve the model, magnify
The sight, and keener, still, pursuit, the urge to fly
Intentions, goals, and abstracts launched in fleets.
The questions rise, but this man cannot rest;
There’s always more. Questions spawning questions will
Suffice for future’s tests and contexts for all still
Small voices just as surely as bells from Hell will drown a lion’s roaring texts.
There are, of course, no ready answers, waxed or in the natural form,
For sale in the offing here; he merely asks, his interrogatives seine
For truths amid an ocean, or more correctly, knead the strains
Of cold cognition, yeasts in turn to breads of thought more easily absorbed.
Within these shifts and ships, his visions firmly moored;
This one boards himself, and quietly absorbs.


…model by Mike Ossur…